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Zomervakantie 2015

KW28 – KW36: Sommerferien ESM

Woensdag 08.07.2015, 08:20 – Dinsdag 01.09.2015, 16:00

Matthijs Abireis (KW28-29)

Donderdag 09.07.2015 – Vrijdag 17.07.2015

Marloes Zeilkamp (KW34)

Zaterdag 16.08 – Vrijdag 22.08


Jaarboek 2015



Januari 2015

Februari 2015

2015.02.03 Ed 59

 Via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ed.vaessen

Maart 2015

Donderdag 5 maart overlijdt Oma Tilly. Ze is 90 geworden. Woensdag 11 maart werd ze begraven. Terwijl wij afscheid nemen worden de 3 laptops uit de auto gestolen.

April 2015

Janneke wordt opgenomen in het LUMC (Leiden) met een psychose

2015.04.25 Frieda Evelien Janneke Marleen

25.04.2015 Marloes op reis met het Kozert-Chor

27.04.2015 Janneke 52

Juni 2015

Weekendje Tsjechie

Juli 2015

03.07.2015 Diploma-uitreiking Matthijs

18.07.2015 – 01.08.2015 Zomervakantie in Tsjechie


Meer foto´s in ons foto-album: http://www.fam-vaessen.bayern/#!album-32

27.07.2015 Frank 20

September 2015

2015.09.17 Matthijs 18


Musical Exchange in Poland

Music is the universal language that unites people and builds bridges. A bus full of 64 talented musicians from the ESM Orchestra and Concert Choir had the privilege of experiencing this again during their recent Concert Tour to Poland from the 25-29 April 2015. The group, representing 15 different European nationalities from S1-S7, proved that one doesn’t need to speak Polish to feel at home in Poland. Through music, communication is always possible!

The first destination was Swinemünde, where the group performed a concert at the local cultural centre, in collaboration with choral musicians from the Kulturhaus, Swinemünde. Then in the beautiful city of Stettin, the group visited the Stettiner Musik Gymnasium and rehearsed for a concert with Polish students from their choir and orchestra. A joint concert was then performed the next day in the Trafostacja Concert Hall in Stettin. Both concerts were very well received, especially when all performed a traditional Polish folk song, which had the audience clapping and calling for an encore!

Sightseeing highlights included a climb up the highest lighthouse tower on the Baltic Sea, a guided bus tour of Stettin, and a visit to Europe’s newest Philharmonic Concert Hall in Stettin, a stunning building, which is shortlisted for the 2015 Mies van der Rohe Architecture Award. There, the choir even got the opportunity to try out the fantastic acoustics.

By far, the best part of the tour was getting to know each other better and making new friends with other young musicians in Poland. The trip was brilliantly organised by our ESM Orchestra director, Kasia Moskwa, who is a native of Stettin and a former colleague at the music school there. ESM colleagues Julie Plugge, Ella Sincuk, Jeff Louarn, Bernd Auerhammer and Jelka Klein rounded out the musical team, which made sure there was harmony on all levels throughout the trip.

There were hugs and even some tears as everyone said goodbye to our new Polish friends. Memories of this fantastic musical experience and enriching cultural exchange will last forever. Now the bridge has been built for our Polish friends to come and visit us in Munich someday!

Jaarboek 2002

December 2001

Fotoalbum Familieboek 2002

Januari 2002

  • Introductie van de Euro
  • Weeksluiting Klas Frank (groep 4)
  • Weeksluiting Klas Matthijs (groep 2)

Februari 2002

Maart/April 2002


Het is WEER gebeurd!! Lars is weer eens ergens blijven liggen.

Dit keer in de nachttrein van München naar Amsterdam of in de rugzak die woensdag uit de auto is gestolen die geparkeerd stond voor woonzorgcentrum De Nieuwe Plantage in Rotterdam, terwijl wij afscheid namen van Oma Tilly.

2013.11.15 Marloes en LarsEd heeft gisteren aangifte gedaan bij de politie – er zijn 3 rug/laptop-tassen met laptops uit de auto gehaald en Marloes en ik zijn vanmorgen om 07:30 uur al bij het Fundbüro van de DB langs geweest.

2015.03.11 LARS Verlustnummer 3324475 (0)



2015.03.05 overlijdenskaart ma